The IT-Sens in-pavement  and ITS-20 non-invasive pavement sensors have been developed with Intelligent Transportation System users and integrators in mind. These open communication sensors (rs-485, Ethernet) provide a wide range of information including road wetness, ice, frost, flowing water, freeze-point, temperature and grip. Off-the shelf availability makes these sensors the ideal choice for enhancing your ITS information network.


FAST System


Our disk-type anti-icing system has been saving lives since the mid 1980’s.  Available as a manual system (can work with non-Boschung inputs) or fully automated we offer many different nozzle patterns to fit any type of coverage requirement. The Boschung disk system is idea for long length bridges and roadways, three lane applications and applications requiring two-lane coverage form the shoulder.




roadALERT combines the latest in pavement sensing, communication and web technology to enable the remote monitoring of bridges and roadways. Available with our patented in-pavement freeze-point sensor, IT-Sens, or our non-contacting laser pavement grip sensor (ITS-20), the road alert provides real-time safety information.  Combined with our Road Manager web-hosted software entire roadway networks can be monitored for efficient use of resources.



The new generation in anti-icing system, microFAST, uses 330’ (100m) preassembled and tested spray strips to deliver anti-icing agent across two lanes instantly. Manually (or with a non-Boschung input) or automatically controlled the microFAST system has been developed to address both large scale and smaller application. Ease of installation and available in kit for the microFAST is an economical solution to troublesome bridges or roadways.




roadMANAGER is our hosted data collection website software capable of retrieving, alarming, displaying and storing of Boschung and non-Boschung weather stations (RWIS), camera images and even vehicle location an operation data. When combined with a Boschung roadALERT, RWIS, microFAST or FAST system roadMANAGER can send alerting e-mails or pages. The web-based platform allows for users to access anytime, from anywhere.


An advanced road monitoring system fully integrated with all or our products?
We call it...

"One of the biggest things is we don't have to worry about those bridges anymore"

-Steve Chizmar, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

Our Road Safety Approach

For over 30 years, Boschung America has provided technologically advanced solutions to many state Departments of Transportation, cities, and airports in the U.S. and Canada. The reason many look to us for anti-icing solutions and roadway maintenance is our comprehensive service and support. With every product, system, and software, installation and support is provided. Read more about our dedication to clients by clicking on the button below

Our Technology Solutions

Boschung America provides a full line of Surface Condition Management products, systems, and software. The F.A.S.T. system is an advanced solution to icing on roads, bridges, runways, anywhere hazardous road conditions exist. roadMANAGER is the brain behind many of the systems and products and gives the power to control and monitor hazardous road conditions. Read about many more of our products and solutions by clicking the button below